The advancement of technology has seen a massive shift in our daily life in recent years. Many people have stuck their faces on their smartphones, glued their eyes onto computer monitors and business companies developing websites to further enhance their business and attract more consumers even from overseas. When the smartphone was first created, it opened a new job for inspiring developers to create their own app which is known as mobile app developer. These developers are responsible for the creation of some of the most famous mobile games we know today such as Mobile Legends, Temple Run, Angry Birds and many more. Eventually, many more mobile apps are developed while granting business opportunities for small companies to grow and allowing their apps to publish into more popular platforms. 

Nowadays, becoming a mobile app developer malaysia is more demanding than before as some companies seek to extend their services by creating a mobile app to provide more accessibilities to their consumers. Take online casinos for example, despite being able to gamble on their websites, they developed their own mobile application to allow gamblers to gamble anytime and anywhere, especially during working days. Additionally, mobile apps allow companies to generate revenue that will open more opportunities to develop their business beyond the mobile world. Most mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp started out as mobile only apps as their purpose was to provide accessibility to their services, but they eventually generate enough popularity and revenue that they are able to create their own website which allows their mobile users to browse through their services on desktop. 

For video games developers, creating a mobile app is a safe way to generate revenue while learning the errors of your productions. Most small-time developers create a mobile game because it is a cheaper and safer way to create games and understand the market. Currently, gacha games are becoming more popular among the gaming community as it allows players to obtain their favorite characters with in-game currencies that they can obtain by doing daily and weekly tasks or spending money to convert into in-game currencies. Even the developers of Genshin Impact had to start as a small-time company who was famous for its famous beat-em-up action game, Honkai Impact 3rd, which helped them to generate so much revenue that they created a client for desktops and gave them an opportunity to develop Genshin Impact. However, the trend of gacha games has garnered a negative reputation as the core aspect of these video games is meta, which is a strategy that is the most optimized for the current content of the game. Likewise, Genshin Impact is known for its atrocious drop rates of both characters and weapons, which has garnered the hate of many gaming fans. To make matters worse, some of their characters like Ganyu and Diluc are so overpowered that they are technically essential in dealing high amounts of damage to make late game content doable.

Overall, mobile apps might carve a pathway for smaller, unknown developers to become big but it can also lead to their downfall.

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