Multi level marketing, or MLM for short, is a marketing strategy that involves an investor to recruit distributors to sell and gain profit from their products and services. With so many companies appearing lately, MLM companies reap the benefits of recruiting these companies by providing a network for these companies to directly sell their products to their consumers and these companies receive commissions based on the amount of sales they made. As the company grows, However, how does a MLM company keep track of every distributor and ensure they are doing well?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, MLM companies are able to develop best MLM software which helps them to easily keep track of the progress and manage every distributor in their network. The software also helps to provide contacts of all of their consumers and data from their distributors to ensure that their sales are kept under control or improve any issue they find. With that said, what best MLM software does the MLM companies use to manage their network?

According to Software Advice, Freedom software, developed by ByDesign Technologies,  has been rated as the best MLM software with 55 reviews and scoring and overall 4.82 out of 5 stars. It has been praised for easy to learn, diverse functionality and convenience, which garnered many praises from other MLM companies with the exception that it’s services were originally focused on Internet Explorer which forces the reviewers to use a specific type of web browser. Aside from that, MarketPowerPro, created by Multisoft, has been rated as the second best MLM software with a rating of 4.74 out of 5 stars by 34 reviewers. It has been praised for easy to use and functions well on mobile, but there were difficulties learning how to properly operate the software by some users. Finally, Penny is ranked third below MarketPowerPro with 4.61 out of 5 stars by 31 reviewers. The software offers a unique function called Custom Lists which allows users to focus on certain companies with ease. The downside of this software, however, is that it is occasionally unoptimized, a huge learning curve and certain features feel limited. It also has a monthly-payment system which dissatisfied some users.

Overall, there are multiple cases where some MLM companies exploit their distributor’s naivete by providing false promises to motivate them into investing their company. Amway is an example despite being the most popular MLM company in the world as there are news about Amway practicing unethical methods of attracting people into their business while going against the code of ethics of the DSA. Nevertheless, if people still wish to invest into the MLM business should be aware of the softwares that is available to them and should learn to distinguish the legitimacy of the offer when they are approached by a distributor. Although managing a MLM company is doable manually, having a MLM system will make your life easier to keep track of your contacts and maintain proper communication between your distributors and your clients.

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