Gambling is one of the most popular entertainment in the world as people enjoy the thrill and excitement of earning great rewards in a short amount of time. However, it can lead to unhealthy obsession as gamblers would incur debt and lose all of their money and valuables. Casinos are established to help control these impulses, but the coronavirus has forced them to close down. With the help of online casinos however, they are able to continue their business as usual.

An online casino operates similarly to their on-site cousins with the exception of being, obviously, allowing their gamblers to play online. However, online casinos are treated like any mobile or website games as they would reward their visitors with enticing bonuses that will provide bigger rewards the more they log into their website. This helps to encourage their loyal members to continue gambling through their website and stand a chance to win enticing rewards through free attempts that are given to them just from logging in. Additionally, the lottery prizes change constantly which could entice more gamblers to spend more on lotteries than their on-site lotteries. The best part about online casinos is the ability to convert your money into in-game tokens within a few clicks  This would have led many gamblers to gamble online instead as they are rewarded more handsomely online and have more access to casino games with much more ease than on-site. It also rids the hassle of physically moving from one game to another and finding the token exchange counter everytime they want to get more tokens to continue gambling.

Online casinos also attract gamblers outside of their country as well since there is no one to restrict where you should gamble. Since Malaysia has a negative perception towards gambling, they restrict their citizens from gambling online by denying access to online casinos. However, this can be easily countered as virtual private networks, or VPN, allow users to bypass these restrictions. Although most VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN and Surfshark are usable based on subscriptions, some VPNs are free especially on mobile devices. Aside from online casinos, VPNs allow their users to have access to other contents that are otherwise censored or restricted by their country’s government. One of the most popular examples is when these VPNs advertise the use of their services to watch shows and movies in video streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu that are otherwise inaccessible due to restrictions in certain regions. 

Although online casinos are much more convenient than on-site casinos, it cannot replicate the atmosphere and environment that the gamblers enjoy. The noisy background, the sound of slot machines rolling, the smell of tobacco and the alcohol and snacks you can get in there, it is something you can’t really get when you’re lying in your bed gambling for countless hours. In the near future, we might see the implementation of virtual and augmented reality into our society for both commercial and residential use altering how we will consume entertainment like how smartphones have become an essential device to our daily lives.

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