How to Check The Address of the Official Toshiba Service Center

For you Toshiba product users, you need to know how to check the address of the official Toshiba Service Center. Who is not familiar with this electronic manufacturer. His hampir products  are always present in every house of the Indonesian people.  There are so many products made by Toshiba such as TVs, computers, air conditioners, and many others.

The trust gained by the People of Indonesiais clear due to the quality of the product and the quality of service which is very good. Logically, if the products and services are not good, it will obviously not gain the trust of the Indonesian people. Although Toshiba’s service to customersis very good, Toshiba always tries to improve its services.

Maybe you are one of those who have Toshiba products at home. If you haveit then you feel you need to know the address of Toshiba’s official service center.   This service center will help you if your product is damaged or there are complaints from you that you would like to ask. You can also make a warranty request for damage to your Toshiba products. Of course, the terms and conditions also apply  .

Although competition for electronic products on the market is very fierce, Toshiba is still one of the favorites in Indonesia. With so many products sold, there must also be not a few whohave suffered harm either due touser errors or factory errors. If you are one of the people   who have damaged Toshiba products, immediately check the official address of the Toshiba Service Center if it is in your city.

Toshiba service centers have spread to many cities in Indonesia. Some of them are located in antaranya yaitu Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Surabaya, and many others. Toshiba understands the need for a service center for its customers. Especially in Indonesia where Toshiba has many loyal customers.


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Here’s how to Check The Address of the Official Toshiba Service Center

For those of you who have Toshiba products but don’t know if there is a service center in your city, then you need to check in. To check there is no separate application. You can simply visit the official website of Toshiba Indonesia. There it will show in which cities the Toshiba Service Center is located.

Toshiba’s official website can visit the following link After opening the website, you just have to select the service menu then select the service center located in the top right corner. There it fully displays wherever the Toshiba Service Center is located. It’s very easy, right, how to check the address of the official Toshiba Service Center.

If you want to know the location in detail you can check it from the location menu. Later on the webpage it shows a large map that can be used to find out its location in detail. This will really help you give a clear picture of the place.

For additional information, there is a change in the number of the temporary service center during the pandemic. For full information, you can visit Toshiba’s official website. Toshiba did not explain why there had been a change in the number of the service center during the pandemic.   In the future, there may be additional new service centers, so be sure to check the Address of the Toshiba Service Center.

 General Negligence Causing Warranty to Be Rejected

On several occasions there are guarantees that they will be refused due to negligence which is unknown to the customer. Understandably, in Indonesia there are still many people who are lazy to read the terms and conditions of the warranty. Usually the warranty terms and conditions are listed on the warranty card. But usually Indonesians immediately save it without reading it. We recommend that if you buy a new product and havea guarantee, first read the requirements and conditions.

For those of you product users, make no mistakes as follows so that your warranty remains validin an official Toshiba service center. The first negligence is to carry out repairs on your own or not at an official service center.  Check the official address of the Toshiba Service Center where you live and go to the location.  The act of repair or replacement of parts on their own or at the place of unofficial service makes the guarantee unremarkable.

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The second negligence shall not keep the purchase note. People in general often forget to keep the shopping note. While usually if you want to make a warranty, you are required to appoint apurchase note. A purchase note is usually used to validate the date of purchase of the product. So be sure to keep the purchase note in a safe place.

Intermittent negligence is similar to the second omission, i.e. the loss or damage to the warranty card. This is also often the case, there are many people who do not pay close attention to the place to store the warranty card. Often people only keep it until it is a salan later when the item is damaged and the paper needs to no longer be there.

Why Should You Make Repairs to an Authorized Service Center?

Perhaps you don’t have the importance of doing a service in an official place of service. Performing a service or repair in an official location obviously has several advantages. The official location of the service is specially provided to deal with damage to a certain merek. So if you have a Toshiba product and want to make repairs, just check the official address of the Toshiba Service Center  and visit the location.

The first reason is because in the center of the official service, it is ensured that the technicians who make repairs are of guaranteed quality. At the official place of service, technicians must have been trained to carry out repairs in accordance with the applicable procedures. This way there is little chance that there will be repair errors that will make your  product  suffer additional damage.

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The second are the tools that are used according to existing standards.  With a clearly  standardized lat-a tool  meminamilisir to cause scratches to the components when performing a removal or installation. In contrast to unofficial service locations that usually use impromptu tools. Obviously it’s a lot of isiko making the components scratched.

In addition, at the official service centre to make improvements in accordance with the  applicable procedures and standards. This is obviously very different from in unofficial places that are usually in the making of important repairs and therefore, without taking into account the applicable standards. Of course, improvements that are not in line with the standard will not be optimal.

Then the last one is that you can claim the warranty, so there is no need to spend repair costs. In the meantime, if you do this in an unofficial place, you obviously have to spend money on repair costs. Even carrying out repairs in an unofficial location  can make the warranty invalid.

Service Quality of Toshiba Official Service Center

In terms of quality, you get excellent service. Therefore, when you want to make repairs, check  the address of the official Toshiba Service Center in your city. In addition to the quality of the service that has been enhancedn the location is also usually very easy to reach either by private vehicles or by public transport.

In addition to easy service, the place is clean as well so it makes it comfortable when you’re waiting. Repairs can usually also be completed in a fast time, but it depends on the damage done. For this, do not hesitate to do a good job at the service centre.

There are already many people who are satisfied with the quality of service in the toshiba service center. Very easy service, good location, and warranty claims that are not co-involved are the features of Toshiba Service Center. For this reason, check the official Address of the Toshiba Service Center for preparation if you later experience damage to your Toshiba product.