The most complete contact and address of the Opo Service Center throughout Indonesia

Information about the OPPO Service Center is very important to know, especially if you have used your brand’s smart phone. In Indonesia, many people are already familiar with the company founded in 2004.  Many people choose to use OPO because of the quality of the camera.   The quality of the camera in this brand is considered by users to be very  good  and less competitive than  other well-known brands.

Opo has a very detailed sales strategy, so the development of this company is very good.  In this era, the habit of photography and photography has become the daily activity of all Opo by presenting the best type of camera has succeeded in attracting the attention of many people especially young people and women

Most daily activities require the best type of mobile phone. This is the main attraction of this smart phone.   Apart from the quality of the camera, the price offered is not as expensive as other brands in the world.  So that people with a huge budget would like to buy this type of phone.   You’re  initially experiencing the greatness of  Opo’s  features after trying.

For purchases, it can be done on various mobile cases, both offline and online.  Make sure you already know the features deeply before you buy them so you don’t make the wrong choice.   Set up your selected mobile features for your daily needs, such as ram size, internal memory, camera quality, and more.

After buying a smart phone, you must also find support information when using the phone. One of the most important information about the connections and addresses of Opo service  centers  around the population. This information is important to know, so you don’t have a problem if the smart phone is corrupted or other complaints.   This is enough information for you to  record and understand.

 List of relationships for the Opo Service Center in the Jaboditabek area   and its address

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For those of you Opo users who live in and around Jakarta’s DKC area or are often called Jaboditab, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of finding the best service centre. There are many official locations in the area to repair the smart phones of this brand that can be easily found.   You can check in advance which office is closer to where you live.

Jakarta’s DKC  district   has full offices in each area, called Central Jakarta,  Jakarta  U-Tara, Jakarta  and  Jakarta’s Elatan section.  For Jakarta ,  the city’s section   is located in the ATC Sempaka Mass cell on the sixth floor with no . 021 4228339  If Jakarta is east, you can directly visit the PGC or the Coliseum Center in Jalan Dewey, Sartika, 353, or call 021 22855204.

The Opo Service Center in northern Jakarta is located in the village of Ruko Plut No. 54 to be located on Jalan Raya Plut Permai , Penjaringan district .   You can also call 021 6682788.   The S Service Center  is the most suitable option for those  living  in  South Jakarta because it is located on  Jalan Sildog Raya No. 8 and can be called  021 7379168

The cities of Bogore and Depok also have official locations  for repairing  this brand of mobile phones where bogore’s first commercial  market  can be found  on the second floor in  two blocks  You can  go straight to RH Street.   Juwanda 7546182 number 68 by 0251, while the Depok area on The Margonda Raya  and the  Salahaddin Square  Block Group in detail called 021 29318769 or 0251 7546182  If you feel   confused, you can see the location instructions directly  through the Google map.

Opo Java Service Center district voice list and its address

The territory of Java is generally divided into parts, namely Jeboditabek, West Java, Central Java, the special territory of Yogiakarta, and  East Java.  Java as the island with the highest population density in Indonesia certainly has more facilities than other islands Therefore, it will be easier for you to find a formal mobile repair location in the Java area.

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The Java Island area  has several Opo  service offices  in nearly all cities. If you’re a Bandung resident, you can go directly to  the Bandung Electronic Center Palace on UG  land or call 022 20510111. In the Sirbon area, located in The Sippto Mangunkosumo, whose name is CSB Gold Mall, 82913 0231  Garrott residents can visit Garot Hyper Square.   Call or  call 0262 2802967.

The central Java area and the special area of Yogikarta have a very nearby location. In these two areas, you can  find Opo service centers even easier because there are so many of them.    For Joja , the site is located at Jogjetronik Mall on Jalan Bridgend Catamsoya in nearly every area in central Java as an example of Ruco Morney block CDs for the Semarang area with a phone number of 024 3584020

The city of Surabaya has the largest repair center for any user , including pakun supermal or business center , and can call 031 7390363 .  For those in Baniwangin, you need to call 4465548 0333 to Jalan Brauijaya Karanget No . 141 in Sidwarjo County and also have an intelligence repair center at Ruco Sunsity Mall Block B and call 031 99707438

Opo Service Center Nusa Tengara and Bali’s voicelist and title

On the island of gods, there are two wings that can help you repair various damage to Opo’s smart phones.  First place in the repression , jalan tuku omer no . 28 ,  the second floor .  In addition to  direct visits, there is another way to call   0361 4743289.   Second place   Bolling Jalan Ahmed means Barat Block C or call 0362 3303077

Nusa Tengara is divided into two parts , east of Nusa Tengara or often abbreviated as NTT and West Nusa Tengara , which is shortened to NTB .   These two parts are not on the same island. West of Nusa Tengara has famous cities including Mataram, Bima, and Sumbawa in each of those cities has its own repair center

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Mataram residents can find it on Jalan Pjangik No. 30, which Kranegara Barat can find before it goes to it. There is another way to call 0370 6172678 Gilin Dr. Wahidin No. 20 The 0371 phone number 2620174 will only be visited by Opo Sumbawa users for those in fear who need to visit the gate way, in detail in front of Mergaka Square, call 0374 6647341.

Opo Service Center Sumatra County Contact List and its address

The official repair office in the Sumatra Island area is widely spread from the north, and it is going to Lampung.  Each province has its own place for every user to  visit. The city of Aka has a repair site in Jalan Tuku Panglima Polm no. 178 A and 178 B.   Contact the  Aka City Corrections Agency on 0651 35353.

The next city is Padanga by visiting Patimora Street No . 20 , in detail at the second – floor store .  For those you want to contact the agent before they come, you can call 0751 893195. Palembang also  has an Opo service centre at Palembang Jalan Angkatan Square 45 with a phone number 0711 5730235 before you visit the location. You can call the number to confirm things first.

Lampung as an area located in the southern part of Sumatra Island has more than one place to visit if you have a smart phone problem  First place Jalan Jandal Sudarman no . 66 lampoon ing 0725 78558434 later Jalan Kut Niak Dean , lampoong band errand no . 0721 5603910

Contact information as well as the location address for this repair must be saved so you don’t have trouble finding when needed.   You must visit these locations for the first time when you face difficulties or damage because the Opo Service Center is the best and most trusted.

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