Recommended Tourist Destinations Kuningan West Java Favorite Complete Facilities

Visiting every tourist attraction in Cunningan, West Java , always dies of pleasant impressions with excellent experiences.

In terms of geography, Cunningan is hoped for with a fairly diverse area of low to plateaus. Mount Chiremai is the highest peak in Cunningan and West Java. Not only charming for its beauty, but also became one of Kuningan’s icons, which was known throughout Indonesia.

For a city, the existence of various tourist potentials is an important property for increasing regional income. Also, Cunningham, with good management, the tourism sector is very advanced. It is evident from the many tourist destinations of Cunningan, West Java, well managed so that it is always full of visitors.

For those of you who are bored of daily activities, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to visit the city. Just choose what tourist destination you want. It is guaranteed that we will not regret it because there are so many interesting things that can be found when visiting the district.

List of popular natural attractions

It’s like nature always has thousands of ways to make people always admire its beauty. One of the natural potentials of The Cunningan Country is the National Park of Mount Chiremai. As the highest peak, Chiremai is always packed as a favorite climbing location. In addition, the existence of a national park is also an area for the protection of animals and plants in it.

Not only the mountains, but there are also tourist attractions in Cunningan, West Java in the form of Sibonda Falls. The waterfall is located in the village of Peusing, the height reaches 3 meters. Although not too tall, it is able to capture the beauty of the environment. In this place, there is also a mosque accompanied by 99 steps.

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Telaga Remis is a tourist destination for Cunningan, In  addition to cold air, there are various activities you can do, such as fishing to talk to close relatives.

Another favorite of tired reliefs is hot springs Sangkanurip. It is located in the area of the village of Sangkanurip there is a large pond that is always full of visitors. Around the tourist area it is also equipped with a variety of facilities ranging from restaurants, spas and restaurants complete with such delicious fresh water dishes.

The Cilengrange Valley is also no less charming than other tourist attractions in Cunningan, West Java .

List of conditions for knowledge of cultural tourism destinations

In addition to having an extraordinary natural fortune, Cunningan also has many cultural attractions that should not be missed. One of them is the ancient site of Cyprus. The site is a relic of the prehistoric period of the megalith era or a large stone. The place describes how the lives of ancient people of the past time.

Another tourist attraction of Cunningan, West Java , the demand for historical knowledge is the seven wells of Cibulan. The site is a spa zone left by Prabu Siliwangi, king of Padaran.

Another recommendation for a historic site is The Cunningan Open Space Gallery. The tourist attraction characteristic of the thick cultural value is a truly open location for holding various artistic performances. To reach the location you need to travel only 14 km from the city to the north.

Kuningan is also witnessing Indonesia’s history with the Linggaryati negotiating building. As is known, the building is where the Dutch and Indonesia concluded an agreement in 1946. Visiting the site at least gives knowledge of how the nation’s initial independence journey.

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One of the important cultural heritage is Pazeban Tri Panka Tunggal in Sukamulja, Chigugur.

List of destinations for culinary tourism Taste of good taste

After visiting several locations, take time to visit the culinary tourist destinations of Cunningan. There are various delicious foods to taste, including kwecang. Kwecang is a traditional glutin snacof of rice, which often exists during Chinese ceremonies.

You want to enjoy a different meal then try eating Hucap. Hucap is the most popular dish menu in the form of soy sauce tofu similar to ketocrak. The only difference is that the spice of the strain is thicker and the color is very intense. When it enters the mouth, sweet, acidic, spicy and salty flavors mix together.

The  phenomenal food with delicious taste is quite pockety.

Goloton is a typical Cunningan food worth a try. Obtained from tofu pulp mixed with simple spice concoction, Golono tastes delicious. The salty spicy taste appears when trying. Not often, too, tourists feel dependent on always trying. In addition, the price is very cheap and easy to find.

Grilled volt soup is the most sought-after culinary when visiting tourist attractions in Cunningan, West Java. Food with the characteristic of the rest of the grill is really delicious with delicious bush.

Flat family travel destinations to fill the weekend

In order to meet the weekend, Enjoying the atmosphere, at least you can  refresh your mind to  always be ready to face tomorrow.

The location is in the village of Padabeunghar, which covers an area of 176 Ha. Her hill typography accompanied by the presence of such complete rides adds to the excitement of visiting. In this place you can introduce different flora or plants to the baby.

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Another of the most ordered places is the mountain recreation park. You can visit the site with fairly complete playgrounds on weekends. Water rides are located quite quickly from the center of the bark so that it can be a main choice when boring with daily activities.

In addition to water rides, there is another Salsabila park complete with architectural beauty. The place that is identical to the typical European house style is quite comfortable because it is far free from the noise and noise. It is located in the village of Panavuan makes the place suitable for visiting with close relatives.

If you don’t want to go far, you can visit the Sangariang Pool. Located in the city centre, it makes access to the site very easy. The ticket price is very cheap to swim to the contents of your heart. Now all you have to do is choose which tourist attractions in Cunningan West Java will be visited when the festive season arrives.

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