Address Samsung Service Center Jakarta Complete uukPower your problem

For those of you who own the products of this large company, of course, the existence of the Samsung service center “Jakarta” can be a reliable and best option for solving various problems. The existence of this official service can already be found in almost all cities of Indonesia, including the capital region. Customers are given the opportunity to find it at a certain point in time.

N repaircenter can serve as a reference for those of you who want to repair your favorite phone that is damaged. Not only mobile phones, but also this service offers improvements to various Samsung products, such as refrigerators, fans, TVs, DVDs, projectors for various other products of the same company.

But in fact, most samsung service centers in Jakarta serve only the repair of mobile phones. However, you don’t have to worry as we will provide you with detailed information about the address of the Samsung Product Repair Center. In this way, it will be easier for customers to visit one of the places according to their needs.

Although the existence of electronic product service is indeed easier to find, people still prefer the existence of official services. This is because ordinary soldiers often do not know more detailed ins and outs about electronic goods. Even in severe cases, they will be replaced with a fake product so that it only hurts.

That is why the existence of samsung service center “Jakarta” may be the best option for you. For customers who want to carry out repairs at the service site, they can also provide a warranty claim if your electronic product still has a warranty. When making this claim, you do not need to pay for repairs. Obviously, this will allow you to save on costs.

The most complete address of the Samsung service center Jakarta

You don’t want your Samsung product to be so damaged and neglected because you’re afraid that if you fix it  , it’ll be more damaged, right?   I worry, customers may go directly to one of the services of the Samsung service center Jakarta below. It is guaranteed that after the service there is no such thing as greater harm.

  1. PGC Cililitan, East Jakarta
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The first repair center is PGC cililitan-jakarta Timu, where it is located jalan Mayjen Sutoyo No. 76 Cililitan-Jakarta 13640. For customers who want to contact the call center, you can go directly to the number 0800 1128888 and for free

  1. ITC Cempaka Mas, Centrinė Džakarta

For customers living in central Jakarta, Samsung’s Jakarta service center can be an option. The place is the THEITC cempaka Mas Mega Grosir in block D No. 245 of the 4th floor, namely Jalan Jenderal Soeprapto-Jakarta 10640.

  1. Ambasadorius Mall-South Jakarta

The location of this Samsung product repair center is “Ambasador Mall”, 2nd floor number 3-5, exactly located in Jalan Prof.Dr.Satrio Jakatra Selatan 12940

  1. Roxy Central Jakarta

In addition to the ITC Cempaka Masa service center located in Central Jakarta, the Roxy Central Jakarta can also be an option. For those of you who are interested in mobile phone repair here, you can directly come to ITC Roxy Mas 1 Floor 4 Number 12-16 exactly located in Jalan KH Hasyim Ashari 125 Jakarta, 10150

  1. ITC Fatmawati

The address of this service center is ITC Fatmawati Jaksesl Ruko No. 17, precisely located in Jalan.RS Fatmawati No. 39-12150.  For more detailed information, you can directly come to the address.

Address Service Center Lain di Jakarta

In addition to the above list of Samsung service centers “Jakarta” , it turns out that there are still other options for repair centers in the capital’s area. This is not without reason, because Jakarta itself is one of the cities where there are the most users of Samsung products. Here are the other addresses you can go to.

  1. Condet Jaktim

For residents of the Yaktim district who want to repair mobile phones and other Samsung products, they can immediately come to the repair center, which is located at the Jalan Raya Condet no. 333-HBerada, Shophouse No. 8 Belekambang Village, namely Kramat Jati District

  1. Mango two-square
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Meanwhile, for users of Samsung products located in the Yakut area, they can visit the Mangga 2 Square Blok B Mall number 7-8, exactly located in Jalan Gunung Sahari, Northern Jakarta.

  1. Sunset

In addition to Mangga Dua Square, you can also come to samsung service center Jakarta , which is located at the Green Lake Sunter Shophouse Blok M-TBS, which is located in the south of jalan Danau Sunter.

  1. Location of the Pacific Ocean

Another selection of the repair center in yaksel is pacifik Place, which is located on site 11 of the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kavling 52-53.

  1. Daa Mogot

Do you live in the Kalideres area? The Samsung Product Repair Center may be dedicated in this matter. Exactly located in the Ruko Imperial Block C12-15, Jalan Daan Mogot Raya Kalideres-West Jakarta.

  1. Shopping center Pluit village

Pluit Village Mall also provides a repair center or Samsung service center, where  you can directly come to Pluit Village Mall L3-32 Jalan Pluit Indah Raya-JAKUT.

Thus, several options for the addresses of Samsung product repair centers located in the Capital District. If you have any questions about your product, you can immediately log in to the phone number 0 800 1128888, where this is a free service. In addition, it helps customers get more information. .

Various problems with smartphones

Do you already know the address of the Samsung service center Jakarta?   For those of you who are users of Samsung smartphones, the existence of this repair center can also solve different types of problems on your favorite smartphone, including these.

  1. Frequent restarting or rebooting of the phone

Restarting is actually one of the ways to improve your phone’s performance. But what if your phone often restarts again and again automatically? Obviously, it’s going to be a problem in itself, right?

  1. There are dead pixels on the phone screen

Another problem that the repair center can solve is that there are dead pixels on the phone screen. Such conditions will usually tell you where your mobile phone cannot be used at all, even if the battery is fully charged and does not indicate any time of use

  1. Suddenly wasted battery
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A wasted battery can really interfere with a person’s performance, especially if you always rely on a cell phone on a daily basis, right? but you don’t have to worry about just taking him to a service center, then all these problems can be solved. In this way, your problem can be solved immediately.

Often there are  problems with other smartphones

In addition to some of the problems that exist above, smartphones are also still facing other problems. Below are some of the problems that often arise when using smartphones.

  1. Slow phone

Slow phones are one of the conditions when it will make the owner frustrated. And it turns out that slow phones can also appear on different types of mobile phones. Samsung products are no exception. Slow HP problems are usually caused by various things.

  1. The camera cannot be opened

Although this is extremely rare, the problem that the camera cannot be opened also often afflicts Samsung users. In addition, when opened, there is a description that the warring chamber failed. If you can not cope on your own, then bring it to the service is an option.

  1. The power and volume buttons do not respond well

Another problem that often afflicts Samsung users is the power and volume buttons, where they cannot respond properly. Although it is very rare, but this problem will obviously make your performance more disrupted, and your mobile is less reliable. That is why you need to immediately fix it.

No matter how complex an electronic product you have, it cannot be distinguished from damage or problems. Including your electronic products obtained from samsung company. But you don’t have to worry anymore! To overcome this, you can directly come to the Samsung Service Center Jakarta  above.

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