Travelaka call centres are a major contributor to their customers in solving a variety of problems, with Travelaka being the largest ticket reservation site in Indonesia, the first to offer such a service because Traveloka has been opening itself since 2012.

At the time, indonesia did not have a large number of internet users. The explosion of users in Indonesia itself occurred in 2013. The travelaka, which has now been created after the incident, has become stronger than the competitors created alone. With a long enough time, the service provider has many customers.

Not all customers are comfortable when making ticket reservations. “Some people are in difficulty. This is usually experienced by new users. When faced with the problem, you must contact the Travelaka Call Centre, which can communicate with him on your own.


By phone, there is one number provided by Travelaka. The figure is 0804-1500-308. This contact is open to the public. Therefore, all issues or questions relating to Travelocca can be answered through this number.

The Travelaka Call Centre can also be contacted at any time,  because the number is 24 hours active. There is always a CS to be ready to meet the needs of consumers. Of course, Traveloca also makes adjustments to the number of CSs day and night.

You don’t have to stay in the line for long enjoining him during the day with a bigger number. Make sure you have enough credit by contacting the call centre. There is also a minimum credit of Rs 20,000. Because this phone system is paid according to the provider you use.

You can also contact him via landline if you want a cheap erased fee. However, if you don’t have credit and landline stocks, you can contact you by email. Official email from Travelaka on its own at address. When contacted by email, the reply would not be immediate.

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Because it takes time for CS to understand and respond to your complaint. To make things easier, it would be better if you asked as detailed questions as possible. With that, cs will be easier to understand chronology. But if there is an error in the Saldoku balance, do not contact the address.

Yuangkuyu is the  official payment medium from Travelaka, but if you are experiencing this problem, just send a message to Uangku’s official email address, whose personal email address is, if you contact Customer Travelaka’s CS for the issue, you may eventually ask the customer to contact the address as well.

He will also be contacted via social media and live chat

If you’re not satisfied with calling  the Traveloka call center using your phone or email, there are other ways  . Fraud is the use of social media, which is really suitable for Use by Indonesians, considering that it is very popular, and one of the first things social media chooses is Twitter.

Twitter is the most popular social media tool for communicating with travelers. To contact via Twitter, open the application first and log in first using your account. After logging in, obtain the official Traveloca account that has a @traveloka ID. If found, you can use two media to communicate.

The first medium is to use the name feature. You can ask questions or complain and say @traveloka. However, this story is very obvious in nature. It would be better to use direct messages for obstacles or problems that naturally pose more to privacy.

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Direct message or DM is a feature that can be used to chat privately with Traveloca. Travelaka will also be contacted via Facebook and Instagram. And so is the ID @traveloka Instagram and Travelaka to Facebook.   The same is true of the way he will be contacted.

However, none of them were allowed to chat through the memory.  Customers can use DM for Instagram and Facebook MESE Wenger for Facebook, for the last option,  you can also contact the Travelaka Call Centre via live chat to enter live chat, log in first to the official website.

You can find a special column for live chat from there. Wait a while for CS to be able to answer your questions. If available, those questions will receive a fair and prompt answer. That’s exactly what it takes time to type CS so customers need to wait a little longer.


When contacted, there are a number of services to choose from when contacting the Traveloca Call Centre, which is why CS is designed to deal with a variety of potential problems for consumers, but traveloka consumers have a rare call centre service, which is a refund service.

Refund request itself. This is important because you want to cancel because of the sudden activity, even if the plane ticket is shown. Travelaka herself does not complicate the process. Not only can flight tickets be refunded, but hotel tickets can also be done with the same things. The refund process also  does not take time.

If the process is being carried out on a hotel voucher, the time is about 30 days. The refund process for flight vouchers alone is a little longer. This is because it takes 90 days to get a refund.  Some questions will be asked when contacted  by the Travelaka Call Centre for a refund.

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This question relates to personal data, booking data, and reasons for refund. Don’t make it worse when you provide personal data and booking data. Therefore, if there is a problem with both of these issues, the service will not be continued. It would be better if you prepared the data before you contacted CS.

Many of the issues to be paid

In addition to providing a refund, there are various questions cs can ask. One of the most important questions is already the status of a full ticket. There are some consumers who complain about the difficulty of ordering as time approaches. Especially if the flight goes on holiday.

Tickets are usually filled after a long time. If you encounter the problem, you can contact the Travelaka Call Centre , which means he will not get a ticket to harm others, in this case CS will advise on the best location adjacent to the destination location.

With it, when you still arrive, you can use the land route to get to where you want it. Typically, CS would expect the destination to be the closest. That’s because the price is a little cheaper. At the same time, travel costs can be substantially reduced.

Other cases such as errors and application errors can also be reported when booking tickets. Actually make the most of the call center presence. Don’t waste because you don’t use existing locations. After all, the problem of errors that often harass customers can be eliminated by contacting the Travelaka Call Centre.

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